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  • 2-AMINO-5-METHYLHEXANE P oduc s: 2-Ami o-5-me hylhexa e Sy o yms: 1,4-Dime hylpe ylami e Cas No.: 28292-43-5 Molecula Fo mula: C7H17N Molecula Weigh : 115.22 Asay: ≥98.5% Molecula S uc u e:
  • 2-amino-6-methylheptane HCL DMHA is ac ually a se of wo diffe e DMAA-like s imula s ha ca each 80% he effec s of DMAA a app op ia e doses. The e wo ve sio s a e amed : 2-ami o-6-me hylhep a e, a d 2-ami o-5-me hylhep a e. They wo ks i he same fashio : by boos i g dopami e a d o ad e ali e up ake, while slowi g dow eup ake jus lo g e ough fo a solid wo kou o s udy sesio . 2-ami oisohep a e& squo;s s uc u al ela io s a e k ow as mo oami e eleasi g age s, which a e compou ds ha have he capabili y of i c easi g levels of ce ai mo oami es. These mo oami es, mos o ably dopami e a d o epi eph i e, a e espo sible fo exe i g ma y of he commo effec s ha s imula s p oduce & dash; i cludi g e ha ced eupho ia a d wakeful es (ale es), espec ively. Bu his clas of ...
  • N-Phenethyl-dimethylamine Citrate P oduc Name: N-Phe e hyl-dime hylami e Ci a e CAS#10275-21-5 Asay:98% Colou :Whi e N-Phe e hyl-dime hylami e: The New Ho S imula N-Phe e hyl-dime hylami e ca c os he blood-b ai ba ie a d fu c i as eu omodula o s i he ce al e vous sys em whe e hey amplify dopami e a d o ad e ali e levels( he feel-god eu o a smi e s). This i g edie is co side ed he &quo ; ex big s imula &quo ; by he suppleme i dus y due o i bei g chemically simila a d p oduci g ma y of he same e goge ic be efi s as he ow ba ed supe psychoac ive DMAA. Be efi s as followed: 1. i c ease levels of dopami e a d o ad e ali e i he body 2. e ha ce mood, co ce a io , mo iva io a d ale es 3. ac as fa bu e , powe ful appe i e supp esa 4. educe feeli gs of a xie y

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