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  • HICA P oduc s: HICA Sy o yms: Calcium 2-Hyd oxy-4-Me hylpe a oa e;calcium ()-bis[2-hyd oxy-4-me hylvale a e]; Calcium (1)-bis(2-hyd oxy-4-me hylvale a e) Cas No.: 93778-33-7 Molecula Fo mula: C12H22CaO6 Molecula Weigh : 302.3778 Asay: ≥99% Molecula S uc u e:
  • DL-3-Hydroxybutyric acid, sodium salt ...
  • L-Threonate 【NAME】L-Th eo a e 【CAS No】 778571-57-6 【s uc u e】 【Appea a ce】Whi e powde 【Pu i y】95-98% 【S o age】Avoid exposu e o su ligh ,Keep d y 【P oduc desc ip io 】:Food addi ives, u i io al addi ives
  • 9-Fluorenol ...
  •  Alpha GPC 【NAME】 Alpha GPC(Choli e Alfosce a e) 【IUPAC】 【CAS No】 28319-77-9 【s uc u e】 【Appea a ce】whi e o yellowish powde 【Pu i y】99% 【S o age】Avoid exposu e o su ligh ,Keep d y 【P oduc desc ip io 】L-Alpha Glyce ylphospho ylcholi e (Alpha GPC, choli e alfosce a e) is a a u al choli e compou d fou d i he b ai a d i milk. I is also a pa asympa homime ic ace ylcholi e p ecu so which may have po e ial fo he ea me of Alzheime 's disease a d is used as a oo opic die a y suppleme o e ha ce memo y a d cog i io . Alpha GPC apidly delive s choli e o he b ai ac os he blood-b ai ba ie a d is a biosy he ic p ecu so of he ace ylcholi e eu o a smi e .

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