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DL-3-Hydroxybutyric acid, sodium salt

DL-3-Hydroxybutyric acid, Sodium salt, Potassium, Mgnesium, Calcium
CAS# 150-83-4
White powder

In humans, 3-hydroxybutyrate is synthesized in the liver from acetoacetate, the first ketone produced in the fasting state. It can help body to produces ketones as a mechanism to utilize fat (and to a lesser extent, amino acids from muscle) as fuel. These ketones can also be used as an alternative to glucose as fuel to support your brain, muscles, heart, and other organs. As a result, 3-hydroxybutyrate not only can help burn fatbut also supply an energy source to body so as to upgrade efficiency of losing weight. 
We can conclude the following benefits of 3-hydroxybutyrate: 
(1) Faster weight loss and reduced hunger 
(2) Enhancing cognitive performance 
(3) Better regulated blood glucose 
(4) Increasing mental focus 
(5) Reducing risk for disease 
(6) Less chance of inflammation

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