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Jiangsu Shringpharm Co.,Ltd.



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Skype: shringphram

TEL:     +86 25 66042949

FAX:    +86 25 68651177

Address: No. 815, Ge Guan Road, Liuhe District, Nanjing



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Legal statement:

All products are meant strictly for forensic, in vitro research, chemical reference / analysis or collectible purposes. It is strictly not intended and/or approved for human consumption or any kind of in vivo research including research performed on animals. 

As always, please check currently applicable national, federal and local laws before placing an order with us. Do not order anything that might scheduled or otherwise restricted for import / possession to your destination.

 Jiangsu  Shringpharm  Co., Ltd.
Address  :   Nanjing    China
Skype :       shringpharm
Tel :           86 25 66042949
FAX:          86 25 68651177
Email :  (Reply within 1 working day) 
Address: No. 815, Ge Guan Road, Liuhe District, Nanjing
Working Time: 9:00--18:00(Shanghai GMT+8), Monday—Friday
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