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  • Nicotinamide Riboside chloride Name: : Nico i amide Riboside chlo ide Cas o: : 23111-00-4 Pu i y: : 98% Usage: : Heal hy , fu c io al food a ea .
  •  Cordycepin 【NAME】 Co dycepi 【IUPAC】3'-deoxyade osi e 【CAS No】 73-03-0 【s uc u e】 【Appea a ce】whi e c ys alli e powde 【Pu i y】99% 【S o age】Avoid exposu e o su ligh ,Keep d y 【P oduc desc ip io 】Co dycepi , o 3'-deoxyade osi e, is a de iva ive of he ucleoside ade osi e, diffe i g f om he la e by he abse ce of oxyge i he 3' posi io of i s ibose pa . I was i i ially ex ac ed f om fu gi of ge us Co dyceps, bu is ow p oduced sy he ically. Because co dycepi is simila o ade osi e, some e zymes ca o disc imi a e be wee he wo. The efo e, i ca pa icipa e i ce ai biochemical eac io s (fo example, be i co po a ed i o a RNA molecule, hus causi g he p ema u e e mi a io of i s sy hesis)

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